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Urban Walks, Runs & Bike Rides in Midtown

October 3rd, 2022

Sacramento is known for being in close proximity to endless outdoor activities in the Sacramento region and also in areas like Folsom, Auburn, and Davis. Gorgeous walks right along the river, challenging hikes with impressive views and bike rides for miles are often only a 30-minute drive away. But there are also plenty of options in Midtown that require no driving at all! To make it easy, we have compiled a list of fun and unique runs, walks and bike rides right in our very own Midtown backyard.

From a 5k run that features five of our beloved Midtown parks, to a curated walk that highlights our favorite Midtown murals…we’ve got you covered. You’ll be hitting your step goal in no time at all!

Midtown Parks 5k Challenge

Training for a marathon? We have developed a 5k route that connects five of our beloved Midtown parks: Marshall Park, Sutter’s Fort, Winn Park, Truitt Bark Park and Fremont Park. Plus, if you really want to challenge yourself, try your hand at our 5k challenge, where you must complete 20 reps of a certain exercise at each park! Check out the map below to do it yourself.

Bonus: Did you know that Fremont Park, Winn Park, and Marshall Park all have a paved path around the exterior of each park? It’s perfect for avid runners looking for an easy place to run every day! Sutter’s Fort also has an interior and exterior decomposed granite path that can be utilized for running or walking alike.

Midtown Mural Walk

One of the best ways to soak up some Midtown culture is by walking around the grid to check out all of our amazing murals. Check out this self-guided Midtown mural walking tour created using the Wide Opens Walls map feature. You can customize your tour by deleting stops or adding additional ones. Once you add it to the tour, it will show on the tour feature that allows you to drag and drop locations, creating the route that suits you. Plus, you can click mural details to learn about each mural you check out.

We recommend checking out our murals on a Second Saturday! Grab a coffee, a friend and your camera to check out our district’s murals, from the myriad of muralists who have made their mark on the Sacramento art scene in Midtown! Along your self guided walk enjoy the countless experiences of art, music and entertainment during Second Saturday – learn more about what activations are planned at Don’t forgot to grab some instagrammable shots and tag us at @exploremidtown.


Midtown Streetcar Tour

Midtown is famous for having an eclectic mix of modern and historic buildings. We’re calling all the history and architecture nerds that are interested in the story behind the buildings that have been standing in Midtown for decades, specifically along J Street. This walking tour was designed by Sacramento Heritage, Inc.

150 years of changing transportation patterns and architectural styles give J Street and 28th Street a unique and eclectic character. A single block contains homes, restaurants, retail stores and services. This makes J Street one of the city’s most walkable, and one of its most active pedestrian environments. Architectural styles found along J Street include Italianate, Queen Anne, Stick, Craftsman, Prairie, Colonial Revival, Mission Revival, Art Deco and International Style several times during the building’s life. Download the Sac Heritage Walking tour app on your phone to find several tours including the Midtown Streetcar Walking Tour or download our PDF. The tour explains the history behind each stop of the 29 locations.


Photo provided by Architectural Photographer Donald Cox

Bonus: History nerds will be excited to know that Donald Cox has spent many years researching and writing the histories of the Vanishing Victorian buildings in Sacramento. He and his wife, Paula Bohosian wrote the Arcadia book for Boulevard Park. Get a copy of their book here to find a compendium of the most interesting architectural homes in Sacramento!

Bike Ride in Midtown

If biking is how you prefer to get around, then look no further than Midtown. The neighborhood features miles of protected bike lanes, virtually no hills, and it’s location near the American River Parkway makes Midtown especially suited to bikers. Check out the ride below or create your own route with the map found HERE featuring all of the bike lanes in the central city.

If your ride is on a Saturday morning don’t forget to stop by the Midtown Farmers Market which features free bike valet in the summer months provided by the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates.

If you want a route to get started, try this 30-minute ride that begins at Fremont Park and zig zags for five miles past five serene parks and through three of Midtown’s restaurant districts. Finish up at with a cold beer at At Ease Brewing or a coffee treat from The Mill. More adventurous riders can continue north on 18th Street to catch the Sacramento Northern Bikeway into the river parkway for plenty more riding options.




Do you know of any other hikes, walks, runs or bike rides that you love to do in Midtown?! Message us on any of our social channels @exploremidtown and let us know. Remember to also snap your experience doing any of the walks, runs, or bike rides above and #ExploreMidtown or tag us @exploremidtown for a chance to be featured!