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Getting To & Around Midtown Is Easy!

April 22nd, 2022

Wondering how to get around Midtown? Sacramento is one of California’s most accessible major cities, and Midtown in particular provides many different options that make traveling to and around our central city effortless. Midtown is set up as a grid with numerical streets from 16th to 30th running north and south, and alphabetical streets from B to V running east to west, making it an incredibly easy part of town to navigate. Additionally, with so many transportation options available—like driving, public transportation, biking, walking, rideshare, and micromobility—Midtown’s mix of timeless and trendy restaurants, bars, cafes, entertainment venues and art galleries are easily accessible.

To make getting to and around Midtown even easier, we’ve compiled resources below that will help you navigate Sacramento’s urban core, allowing you to focus instead on building your itinerary for the day and exploring all the fun things to do in Midtown.

Discover Midtown Your Way With Our Wayfinding Posts

To educate residents and visitors about the ease of travelMidtown Association, along with dedicated partners Safe Credit Union and SACOG, installed wayfinding posts at Midtown destination centers. These colorful posts serve as navigation companions, showing you the distances to nearby Midtown destinations by foot or bike. Linked to an interactive website, they provide a sneak peek of what awaits you – whetheit’s dining options, coffee joints, or shopping. 

Want to drive?

It’s easy to grab a spot on the street or reserve a guaranteed spot in advance of an event. To make parking your car easier and friendlier for everyone, here are several City of Sacramento resources for finding the perfect spot to park:

Additionally, the East End Garage, on 17th Street between L Street and Capitol Ave, offers discounted parking in the evenings and on weekends, with a $2 flat rate ($5 for second Saturday of each month). The garage currently is cash pay only but keep an eye out for the transition to multi-pay options in the near future.

Individuals commuting to Sacramento can take advantage of the SacPass Commuter Parking Special. The program is available at select parking garages including Memorial Garage at 801 14th Street. Time restrictions and reservations apply. To learn more about the program click HERE.

Finally, be sure to use the City of Sacramento’s site to stay up to date on parking services and road closures.

Prefer public transportation?

SacRT makes public transportation easy with the light rail connecting our suburbs, convenient bus lines throughout the city, and the SmaRT Ride service that offers on-demand ridership from door to door. Midtown is easily accessible via the 29th Street, 23rd Street and 16th Street light rail stops and at $2.50 a ticket, you can’t beat this option!

  • Check out SacRT’s How to Ride Guide for tips using the system
  • Plan your trip ahead of time and make visiting Midtown a breeze with SacRT Trip Planner
  • Get more information about SmaRT Ride services and download the app
  • Learn about basic and discounted fares here

Want to bike?

Our region’s mild winters and warm summers create the perfect environment to bike year-round. With bike culture being an essential part of Midtown life, along with miles of bike lanes leading to and throughout the central city, getting around Midtown is even easier on two wheels.

Want to rent a scooter or bike?

Midtown offers a variety of accessible micromobility options to get around the district. Just download one of the apps below, find the nearest ride and you’re off! Remember to abide by all traffic laws and wear a helmet.

  • Lime offers scooters and bikes. Just download the Lime mobile app to get started.
  • Bird offers readily available scooters through their Bird mobile app
  • Helbiz offers scooters that can be found throughout the district with the Helbiz mobile app

Or maybe even rent a car?

Take rideshare to enjoy the convenience of being driven to your Midtown destination. Multiple options are available in Midtown, your ride is only a few minutes away.

  • Uber offers rideshare services for pickup and drop-off anytime you need
  • Lyft offers pickup and drop off service for convenient travel throughout the district
  • Gig Car Share is a one-way, all-electric car share service for instant car rental that will get yourself where you need to go

Walking your thing?

Midtown offers tree-lined streets with sidewalks and front-facing retail businesses, and an eclectic mix of architectural styles on just about every block. With an easy-to-navigate grid you can get to restaurants, entertainment, art galleries and residential housing all within a short walk. Midtown boasts major activity centers, each with its own personality and business mix, including Midtown Central, Midtown Sutter, and Handle District, and going from one to the other is only a 5-10 minute minute walk. In 2023, Midtown Association installed wayfinding posts to help visitors navigate and explore these activity centers in an easy and fun way. Learn more about each here.


Midtown has so much to offer and with these helpful tips for getting around the grid, planning a trip seems easy in comparison to choosing where to go or what to do first. Be sure to check out our other blogs for more on where to eat, drink and shop around Midtown or follow us on Instagram @ExploreMidtown for tips on where to go.