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Reinvestment in Midtown Second Saturday Case Study

December 27th, 2023


Midtown Association aimed to revitalize a beloved Midtown tradition – Second Saturday. The relaunch of Second Saturday would not only draw an estimated 10K visitors each month but uphold Midtown’s unique creative culture and support our local arts community.

Our Strategy

The Midtown Association devised a comprehensive strategy for revitalizing Second Saturday by fostering collaborations with local galleries, artists, performers, businesses, and community groups. By strategically targeting key activity centers, including busy blocks and dynamic parks, we transformed the event into a day-long and district-wide experience, engaging diverse audiences through morning farmers’ markets to late-night after-party spots. Our success was amplified through a robust communications plan featuring engaging reels, blogs, a dedicated website, a dynamic social media campaign, extensive media coverage, and more, ensuring widespread awareness and participation in the revamped Second Saturday festivities.

The Results

The success of Midtown Second Saturday can be seen through multiple key metrics and continued positive feedback from our stakeholders and community. Second Saturday from May through October featured over 200 art experiences with over 70K estimated visitors. Event highlights included block parties, a Brewfest, gallery shows, outdoor park concerts, outdoor movie nights, live painting, dance performances and so much more.

  • 70K + visitors
  • 237 total events and attractions
  • 70 gallery and theatre events
  • 150+ artists engaged
  • 63 after parties
  • 60 business participation events
  • 28 multifamily property events
  • 564 social media posts
  • 884 K social media impressions
  • 25.4K social media engagements
  • 79 media stories
  • $237K calculated publicity value
  • 38.5K website views
  • 0 public safety issues
The community enjoys the instrument petting zoo at Fremont Park.

Midtown Second Saturday featured many gallery shows, including this one at The Mansions Apartment.

Media & Communications

Podcast: Second Saturday Returns to Midtown

Midtown Second Saturday helped to generate 70 positive media segments. Here are a few highlights of media stories each month!

Social Media:

Discover the heart of Sacramento’s artistic pulse at Midtown Second Saturday—an all-day immersion into the city’s vibrant cultural scene every Second Saturday, May through October. Learn more at