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Food Trucks Galore at the Midtown Farmers Market

January 10th, 2023

If your Saturday plans involve shopping and visiting our local Midtown Farmers Market, we recommend coming hungry.

As you probably know, our Midtown Farmers Market is filled with vendors selling fresh goods, baked delicacies, and of course our favorite local food trucks that will have your mouth drooling and your nose sniffing to find the source of the scents of different cultures and food cuisines!

If you follow the scents you will find yourself at our newest block of the market, 20th Street between L and Capitol, which holds our famous food trucks that serve everything from wood-fired pizza to homemade paella. Read on to meet each of our food truck vendors and more importantly learn what each of them is serving up at the market.

Gondo Fusion

The most original and unique Hispanic food creator, Gondo Fusion, has a mission to bring fresh food from their culture to your plate. They are Midtown Farmers Market favorites and have been serving up their classics for three years at the market.

Crowd Favorites: Cuban burrito and their famous dairy-free organic matcha horchata and cinnamon horchata.

Pizza Lovers Sacramento 

New to the market, Pizza Lovers Sacramento, is bringing wood-fired pizzas to warm you up on Saturday morning. They started their business in 2021 from their backyard and recently started joining pop-up markets in 2021. Their backyard success has recently led them to serve our Midtown Farmers Market!

Crowd Favorites: For spicy lovers they recommend their spicy Soppresatta topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onions, salami, fresh oregano, ricotta cheese, and homemade hot honey. Other favorites include their El Caliente topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, sausage, jalapeños, ricotta cheese and hot honey and finally the Hawaiian lover: white garlic sauce, fresh mozzarella, ham, red onion pineapple and jalapeños.

Flavor Fusion 

Flavor Fusion, joined our Midtown Farmers Market this past November, and brought with them high-quality dishes with a Korean fusion and beverages that include Vietnamese coffee and boba. In 2020, the owners of Flavor Fusion were laid off from their jobs, however their misfortunate turned to opportunity as they brainstormed the idea of a Korean fusion food truck that also served boba.

Crowd Favorites: Bulgogi rice bowl, vegan egg rolls, cajon garlic shrimp rice bowls, and their famous Vietnamese coffee.

Happy Crepes 

Happy Crepes has been serving customers their delicious sweet and savory crepes at the Midtown Farmers Market since 2016. Their famous crepe recipe is generations old and originates from their great grandma’s north African recipe, more than 150 years old!

Crowd Favorites: Chicken crepes (fresh mozzarella cheese, pesto, fresh tomato, chicken and spinach), smoked salmon crepe (Philadelphia cream cheese, smoked salmon, green onion, and tomatoes), and the nutella, banana, and strawberries crepe.

Maria’s Paella 

Newer to the market, Maria’s Paella joined our Midtown Farmers Market family in June 2022 serving delicious paella. The recipe has been in their family for generations, and Maria has now been making paella for friends and families for decades. To Maria, paella brings people together, it’s a community dish. She says her favorite part of the market is when people come closer, ask questions, and of course, take photos.

Crowd Favorites: Their most popular paella is paella del Mercado or paella mixta.

This Saturday come to the Farmers Market and stop by the Capitol block to taste food from one of our many popular food trucks. Follow us at @midtownfarmersmarket to stay updated on new vendors and other Market news! Pssst … spoiler alert we heard a rumor that in the 2023 season, the Midtown Farmers Market plans to welcome new food truck vendors! 


Looking for restaurants near the Midtown Farmers Market? Check out LowBrau, Good News Wine, The Old Spaghetti Factory, Kin Thai Street Eatery, and Azul’s along the market perimeter. Or take a stroll down K Street to 24th Street for tasty favorites like Burger Patch, Golden Bear, and Pizzasauruz Rex. Within one block of the Midtown Farmers Market, you’ll also find Tank House, Tropics Ale House, Jacks Urban Eats, The Porch, The Morning Fork and World Famous Hotboys. View our map to find more dining options!