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From the close proximity to incredible restaurants, farmers markets and locally owned boutiques, to our bike-friendly atmosphere, art-focused community, tree-lined streets and family-friendly events and festivals, all is possible in Midtown.

“More and more, people want a vibrant neighborhood where they can walk and ride their bikes to a plethora of shops, services and entertainment. Midtown Sacramento offers all of that and more. The community is warm and friendly, it’s super common for businesses to collaborate together and there’s an abundance of dogs and strollers. It’s home – plain and simple.”

Laura Braden

“Community: Lots of it. All kinds. There’s so much life here. I value the freedom I have to walk or bike to wherever I want in Midtown – it takes away the stress of finding parking. I find such pleasure in walking for miles here with so much to see!”
Rachel Charlton