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Celebrating Sustainability at the Midtown Farmers Market

April 13th, 2024

In honor of Earth Day and with springtime in full swing, Midtown Farmers Market is thrilled to celebrate and showcase our dedication to sustainability at our weekly community market. As stewards of the environment, we are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local farmers and artisans in the process.  

Composting at the Market

A cornerstone of our sustainability efforts is in collaboration with our great partners! One of our most impactful partnerships is with ReSoil Sacramento, a community compost collective that aims to close the local food loop – Farm-to-Fork-to-Farm. ReSoil Sacramento has made it possible to harness the impact of the thousands of residents who visit our Farmers Market by enabling customers to conveniently drop off their compost every Saturday at the market. Located at 20th Street at Jazz Alley, between K Street and J Street, their compost bins are buzzing with activity as residents join in keeping their scraps local! Together, with the help of eco-conscious farmers market attendees, we help to divert over 500 lbs of compostable material from landfills each week!  

Compost at the Market with ReSoil Sacramento

Thinking about joining the compost crowd? Here are some best practices to keep in mind if you’re thinking about dropping your compost scraps with ReSoil!  

Compost Best Practices: 

  • Fresh Scraps: Let’s keep it fresh! ReSoil encourages patrons to make composting a weekly habit and leave those month-old soups behind.  
  • Frozen Scraps: For a clean and hassle-free experience, many patrons actually freeze their scraps! Fresh or frozen, it’s all good to them! 
  • Paper or Plastic? While paper bags are composting champions, they will happily accept plastic bags too. Just remember, no tying knots.  
  • Compostable PLA Plastic Bags: Say goodbye to these! Due to concerns about PFAS, ReSoil no longer accepts them for composting. They will accept them, but they will be thrown away and not composted.  
  • Do NOT tie bags. Spare ReSoil the struggle of untying knots and please drop off your compost bags untied.  

But wait, there’s more! We’ve recently introduced a new compost bin on the Street Food Sacramento Block open during market hours, making it even easier to embrace sustainability. By reducing our reliance on trash cans, we’re not just composting; we’re also cutting down on our driving time and lowering our carbon footprint. Talk about a win-win situation! Previously filling up 50-60 trash cans, we’re proud to say we’ve significantly slashed our waste to approximately 30 bags and reduced our driving time from 10 miles daily to only 2 miles (our market team needs to drive to the nearest dumpster site when all the trash bags are filled to ensure a clean market). 

Find Compost Bins at the Midtown Farmers Market

Free Bike Valet at the Market

Another great partner that helps us promote sustainability and eco-friendly practices is SABA Bike Valet! SABA is a non-profit organization dedicated to making our region a safer, healthier, and friendlier place to ride a bike. Offering free bike valet services every Saturday at the market from May to October, SABA Bike Valet is making it easier for residents to leave their cars at home and enjoy a leisurely ride to the market.

Enjoy Free Bike Valet every Saturday May-October at the Farmers Market

Eco-Conscious Vendor Spotlights 

Of course, we can’t forget about our incredible vendors who are the heart and soul of how we create a sustainable and eco-friendly market! Having sustainable vendors starts at the beginning, with our market team at the beginning of every season assessing all vendors on a scale from 0-5 on their sustainability efforts as a small business. In total, Midtown Farmers Market vendors score an average of 4 in sustainability.  

There are also so many amazing vendors that go above and beyond normal sustainable practices. Check out our Sustainable Vendor Spotlights below to discover local vendors who are dedicated to their practices in being an eco-friendly and sustainable vendor. Thank you to them and our many other sustainable vendors in helping uplift our value of sustainability at the market.  

Vendor: Balance Me Out

Embracing innovation and conscious choices, Nancy Guzman owner of Balance Me Out, proudly offers Sacramento’s only battery-operated coffee truck, significantly reducing carbon emissions and toxic fumes. But their dedication doesn’t stop there. With a passion for both quality and the planet, they serve organic espresso in eco-friendly bags, alongside compostable cups. From wheat to paper to bamboo, they’ve got straws covered, ensuring every sip aligns with their eco-conscious ethos. Even the oat milk they proudly pour is carbon-neutral and B Corp certified, reflecting their holistic approach to sustainability. Plus, their lavender isn’t just a fragrant addition; it’s a locally grown gem, pesticide-free and carefully infused into drinks like lemonades, matcha, and their ever-popular lavender latte. With every sip, they’re not just serving beverages; they’re balancing business with a profound respect for the planet.

Vendor: K&K Chai

Among the bustling stalls of the Midtown Farmers Market, a local tea shop stands out not just for its aromatic blends but also for its dedication to eco-conscious practices. From utilizing compostable or recyclable packaging to initiating a unique buy-back program for mason jars, their commitment to sustainability runs deep. Moreover, they actively encourage patrons to opt for reusable cups, offering any size drink at the price of a small to-go cup. Not to mention their philanthropic endeavors; a portion of their profits is allocated to global clean water initiatives. For them, these practices are an integral aspect of their business philosophy. 

Vendor: Macra Madame


Utilizing only recycled, organic cotton macrame cord in their creations, they showcase a dedication to eco-friendly materials. Their commitment extends beyond product creation, in a bid to minimize plastic waste, they remove plastic entirely in their packaging and bagging processes opting for environmentally friendly alternatives. Furthermore, by conducting all business operations domestically, from sourcing supplies to shipping orders, they actively work to minimize their carbon footprint. For this artisan, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it‘s a guiding principle woven into every aspect of their craft.

Vendor: Sun Kissed & Co.

In the realm of sustainable fragrances, one vendor at the Midtown Farmers Market stands out for its eco-conscious initiatives. With each purchase, they sow the seeds of change by partnering with nonprofits like One Tree Planted and Trees for the Future to plant a tree. She started the Buy One, Plant One program in Nov 2021 and since then has planted over 2500+ trees. This commitment to reforestation not only offsets carbon emissions but also contributes to global environmental restoration efforts. By infusing purpose into their products, this vendor showcases how sustainable practices can be seamlessly integrated into everyday commerce. 

Vendor: Ecojoyous

Ecojoyous is uniquely different as a vendor, offering a variety of one-of-a-kind upcycled and handmade artisan goods, locally sourced with primarily natural and organic ingredientsAs the only mobile refillery in the market, they stand out as pioneers in offering sustainable eco-friendly products. Their focus extends beyond just sales; they’re committed to providing both local and nationwide customers with sustainable goods and education. Continuously evolving, they’re dedicated to learning more about sustainable living and sharing their discoveries with their community. Their overarching goal is to empower, inspire, and facilitate change in consumption habits. 

Vendor: Hella Leaf

Their business philosophy revolves around reusing and repurposing items to create their distinctive pots, adhering to the motto ‘anything can be a pot.’ With a commitment to handcrafting each piece through a meticulous hand drill press process, they transform everyday objects into functional and aesthetic planters. Their innovative practices not only contribute to waste reduction but also add a touch of creativity to their offerings.  

Vendor: Acheson Wine Company

Stands out as a local eco-friendly winery with a tasting room nestled in Midtown. Their winemaking process sets them apart; not using traditional bottles, labels, corks, capsules, and cardboard boxes, they opt for a sustainable approach. All their wines are meticulously crafted and stored in 5-gallon stainless steel kegs, eliminating waste associated with traditional packaging. When customers visit them, they can enjoy wines on tap and take them home in reusable 1-liter flip-top bottles, designed for multiple uses. This innovative system ensures zero waste in their entire production chain, making Acheson one of the most eco-friendly wineries globally. Through their sustainable practices, they’ve already prevented over 48,000 bottles from ending up in landfills, underscoring their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Vendor: Jacobs Farms

Every vegetable and fruit scrap generated on the farm is repurposed into goat and cow fertilizer, closing the loop of waste and creating a sustainable cycle of nutrient replenishment. By harnessing the power of natural decomposition, they not only minimize waste but also enrich the soil, promoting healthier crop growth without relying on synthetic fertilizers. This commitment to eco-friendly farming practices underscores Jacob Farms’ dedication to environmental stewardship and sets a commendable example for sustainable agriculture.

Vendor: Urkfood Now

Committed to reducing their environmental footprint, they prioritize eco-friendly materials and natural ingredients in crafting their products. Notably, their attention to sustainability extends to the choice of utensils. Instead of conventional plastic options, they opt for eco-friendly alternatives such as paper food trays and wooden forks. By making conscious choices in their packaging and utensils, UkrFood not only minimizes waste but also promotes a greener future 

Vendor: KC Kombucha

Their primary packaging choice of refillable glass bottles speaks volumes about their dedication to reducing environmental impact while offering customers a reusable solution. Additionally, their products are available in highly recyclable aluminum cans, further supporting their green initiatives. Even at events, they prioritize sustainability by offering products in compostable plastic cups. With a mission rooted in sustainability, they actively encourage customers to bring their own glass bottles for refills, fostering a culture of reuse and waste reduction. Furthermore, they take their responsibility seriously by composting all spent tea, flavoring waste, and culture locally through their partnership with Find Out Farms, an Oak Park nonprofit organization.

Midtown Farmers Market is your go-to destination for all things sustainable and sensational. Join us every Saturday as we come together to support local businesses and make a positive impact on the planet.