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Exploring the Artistic Journey of Gabriel Lopez

June 4th, 2024

Get ready for the return of Sutter Health’s Midtown Second Saturday on June 8! We’re thrilled to introduce you to this month’s featured Second Saturday artist, Gabriel Lopez, a Sacramento-based graffiti artist, curator at The Gallery and the host of the Have a Dope Day podcast. Join us as we chat with Gabriel about his artistic journey and involvement in Second Saturday.


Q: Can you share a bit about your background and what initially drew you to pursue art as a passion or career?

A: My drive for pursuing art as a career comes from my love and experience in the graffiti culture. As a young boy growing up before cell phones were a part of life like today, my favorite thing to do during a car ride was to look at all the graffiti painted on buildings because it truly amazed me. Today as a father of two, I’m even more amazed that graffiti art is one of the ways I support my family.

Photo by Epiphany Magazine

Q: How did you first get involved with Second Saturday, and what does it mean to you as a local artist?

A: I first got involved in Second Saturday as a kid. To me, it has always been something special to Midtown. I remember being a teenager walking up and down J Street looking inside galleries and restaurants being full of people just enjoying themselves. When the sun went down, the hip hop spots would really come to life. As a local artist, it’s a pleasure to be on the other end of that experience.


Q: How would you describe your artistic style and what sets your work apart from other artists?

A:  I consider my artistic style graffiti that is heavily influenced by abstraction with a focus on color, movement and a whole lot of attitude. My life experience sets my work apart from other artists. I truly lived the graffiti lifestyle – the good and the bad.


Q: How has living or working in Sacramento influenced your artistic style?

A: Living and working in Sacramento my whole life has played a major role in influencing my art style. I have had the honor of learning from graffiti writers, and later artists, that have played a huge role in shaping the art scene that we all benefit from today.


Q: What are some of your aspirations or goals as an artist, both in terms of your personal growth and the impact you hope to make through your art?

A: This one keeps changing for me. Just when I thought I have reached “the goal,” a bigger one seems even more likely to be achieved. Personal growth and impact for me comes from highlighting other creatives through shows at The Gallery by We Are Sacramento, or through podcast episodes with artists that I am a fan of. These things are very fulfilling to me, and I learn a lot about myself while helping others.


Q: How does participating in events like Second Saturday allow you to connect with your audience or community in ways that are unique compared to other platforms or venues?

A: Participating in second Saturday allows me to directly connect to people one-on-one. I love hanging random spray cans and asking people if they want to “tag a wall.” No matter who it is, they smile like little kids and say yes! You could have never convinced me that a police officer would take a spray can from ME and enjoy using spraying his name with it, then come back and take pictures of it, Second Saturday did that!



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