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Clean & Safe Stats

*Midtown and Alhambra Districts January 1 – August 1, 2018
Hours Per Year Ambassador Patrol
Hours Per Year Power Washing
Graffiti/Stickers Removed
Pieces of Litter Removed
Clean & Safe Requests


The Midtown Association’s Clean & Safe Program includes Safety, Cleanliness & Maintenance, and Community Visibility & Outreach.


The safety program is created to improve day and evening safety in the district. We have a homeless outreach program designed to connect our navigators/ambassadors with the homeless population. This connection provides the opportunity for the homeless in our community to navigate the social services system with assistance from trained professionals. Our organization also works closely with the Police Department to identify and prevent crime.

Cleanliness & Maintenance

Our maintenance services consist of removal of graffiti and stickers, sidewalk pressure washing, gutter and storm drain cleaning, sweeping of leaves, as well as litter and trash can emptying. Our maintenance staff collects debris from walkways and alleys, and works closely with property owners to reduce illegal dumping in alleyways and thoroughfares.

Community Visibility & Outreach

The Midtown Association operates two maintenance vehicles, a commercial pressure washer, and two trailers. We have a staff of five dedicated team members, as well as a homeless navigator through Sacramento Steps Forward. Each employee proudly wears our uniform with the Midtown Association logo and contact information providing program visibility Mon-Sat from 7am- 9pm throughout the 92 block district.



Dispatch Line Midtown (916) 287-9867 Alhambra (916) 287-9272

Streetscape Maintenance Program

Trash Cans & Community Clean-Ups

Tree & Alleyway Lighting

Evening Police Patrol

Lock Take Hide

Drought Sensitive Power Washing

Bait Bike/Car

Clean & Safe Requests

Do you have a graffiti, transient, lighting or other clean & safe issue? Fill out the form below. Please include property address, specific location of issue on property and business name (if applicable).



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