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Winn Park Lighting Case Study


In an ongoing effort to increase vibrancy in Midtown’s parks through investments in ambient lighting and public art, market lights featuring 330 ambient bulbs were installed between six trees in Albert Winn Park. This project aims to increase engagement of nearby residents and visitors, while promoting safety and visibility in the park.


Our Strategy

To celebrate the new lighting installment, Midtown Parks planned a lighting celebration event at Winn Park during a Wednesdays at Winn activation. To promote the event and project at Winn Park, Midtown Association invited important stakeholders, partners, government leaders and the public to enjoy the new lighting. Promotion strategies for the celebration included social media posts, paid Facebook ads, newsletters, TV segments, and flyers.

The Results

  • 330 lightbulbs installed throughout six trees, generating 650 feet of ambient lighting at Albert Winn Park
  • 180 attendees for the Winn Park Lighting Celebration event
  • Calculated PR value of $15,318
  • Calculated PR audience impressions of 32,210
  • Over 1,000 engagements on social media
  • Over 1,200 Newsletter opens
  • Over 21.6k social media impressions


PR Segment: New lights installed at Albert Winn Park in Midtown Sacramento set to improve safety

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Social Media  Assets: