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Amanda Berridge (she/her)

Associate Director of Events & Markets

Amanda joined the Midtown Association team in 2022 as our Farmers Market Manager and currently serves as the Associate Director of Events & Markets since 2023. She leads the Midtown Farmers Market and Wednesdays at Winn events from start to finish including planning, permitting, set up, and building out robust programming.

Amanda graduated from the University of Florida and earned her MBA from the University of the People. Before joining the team, she developed leadership skills as a hospitality manager over twelve years of working in bars and restaurants, mainly in the Los Angeles area, before pursuing a passion for events through work in weddings and events. Eventually, this led to starting and operating a farmers market in Washington state.

She loves planning and booking activations and looks forward to bringing new ideas to life in the upcoming market seasons. When she’s not working, you’ll find her enjoying her free time with her fiance and baby girl trying a new spot in Sacramento, or exploring somewhere outdoors.