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Is your property or business impacted by graffiti, illegal dumping, and other unwanted activities?

For less than the cost of one graffiti removal, join the Midtown Association in our effort to clean up Midtown and receive unlimited Clean and Safe services.


About Midtown Association

Midtown Association started as a collection of passionate business and property owners that banded together to improve the neighborhood in 1985. Midtown has since grown to be the arts and entertainment core of Sacramento with a dynamic Property Business Improvement District serving over 1,200 properties through three property district zones, two restaurant districts, and six active and growing parks.

Today, the mission of the Midtown Association is to make Midtown the center for culture, creativity and vibrancy in Sacramento’s urban core. The organization is behind many incredible art, landscaping and lighting projects, efforts to keep our community clean and safe, well-known events like Midtown Second Saturday and the Midtown Farmers Market and acts as the voice of the community to create a vibrant and lively neighborhood full of character.

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Services Provided by Midtown Association

Within the existing Property Business Improvement District, the following services are available for a once per year tax deductible* fee. Now, properties and businesses located near the borders of the district, can join for this same annual fee and receive the same unlimited benefits.



Clean and Safe Services

Often recognized across Midtown for their branded shirts and vehicles, Midtown Association’s Clean and Safe team is a dedicated group responsible for enhancing the cleanliness, safety, and overall appearance of the Midtown area. Their work is essential for maintaining the attractiveness and appeal of the neighborhood for residents, visitors, and businesses alike. Services provided by the Clean and Safe team include:
  • Addressing loitering or trespassing on private property
  • Proactive property checks to prevent safety issues
  • Homeless outreach services
  • Graffiti, biohazard, litter, abandoned encampment, human waste, debris or sticker removal and cleaning
  • Gutter and storm drain cleaning
  • Power washing


Placemaking and Capital Improvements

Through the Placemaking and Capital Improvements program, Midtown Association focuses on enhancing the physical environment and overall appeal of Midtown through strategic projects and initiatives across public spaces. Our team is also available to provide insight and collaboration on projects that are meant for private properties that are within district boundaries. These projects and improvements can include:

  • Pilot projects that include temporary, low-cost and/or smaller scale public space interventions that encourage engagement from Midtown residents and visitors such as:
    • Banners, murals, lighting, and utility box wraps
  • Capital improvements that include permanent structural alterations or repairs that improve sustainability and increase the overall value such as:
    • Protected bike lanes, road closure bollard installations and electrical upgrades


Committee Meetings

Typically held quarterly, Midtown committees meet to discuss needs specific to their geographic areas of our community. These committees provide access to fellow stakeholders, Midtown Association staff, elected officials, and partner public agencies such as the Sacramento Police Department. Business and properties within the district are able to attend, and contribute to, these committee meetings.

  • Midtown Parks
  • Midtown Sutter Committee
  • Midtown Central Committee
  • Midtown Committee
  • Alhambra Committee
  • 16M Committee
  • Nighttime Economy Committee


How to Join Midtown Association

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to the enhancement of Midtown, Midtown Association provides these special Property Business Improvement District-specific services to assessed commercial properties across the 104 blocks located within the Midtown Zone. These properties are indicated in the red area on the map below and are generally bound by 16th street, J street, 29th street and R street. However, properties that fall just outside of these boundaries may still be eligible to join the district by requesting a property assessment.

Properties and businesses that join the district receive special services and help support Midtown Association’s goals to contribute towards a beautified Midtown that sees economic growth, improved infrastructure and reduced crime. They can also expect to see:

  • Annual savings on security, exterior cleaning and maintenance without having to contract with multiple companies
  • Opportunities to contribute to, and network at, district committee meetings


Curious to see if you are eligible to join the Midtown Association? Reach out to us and let us know that you are interested in requesting a property assessment below!


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