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Regardless of your preference, Midtown has something to satisfy every palate. From one of a kind restaurants, to Farm-to-Fork fare, to a renowned cocktail and craft beer scene, you’re sure to be pleased with the selection.

Dog Friendly Patios

dog friendly patio


Acheson Wine Company business thumbnail

Acheson Wine Company

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourWinery

1629 19th Street
Sacramento , CA 95811
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When you visit Acheson Wine Co. at 19th and Q St, you are visiting a real winery and real tasting room. They make the wines locally and sell them in re-usable flip top 1 Liter bottles.  Both their wine making and delivery method is completely sustainable! They have eliminated all excess waste from the normal winery concept.

Milka Coffee Roasters business thumbnail

Milka Coffee Roasters

Coffee Houses

1501 G St
Sacramento, CA
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"Our values here at Milka Coffee Roasters are to teach guests about the coffees we've explored from every corner of this luscious terraform, while roasting and serving well balanced coffees that satisfy every taste bud and insisting that each coffee we serve is sustainably farmed and sourced and that equality of pay is found in every step of our coffee's supply chain"

The Melting Pot business thumbnail

The Melting Pot

AmericanBars & NightlifeHappy HourLate-Night Eats

814 15th St
Sacramento, CA
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The Melting Pot is the original fondue restaurant where guests can enjoy several fondue cooking styles and a variety of unique entrees, salads, and unforgettable desserts.

Kin Thai Street Eatery business thumbnail

Kin Thai Street Eatery

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourJapaneseThaiVeganVegetarian

1050 20th St
Sacramento, CA
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"Kin - Thai Street Eatery is a family-owned and operated restaurant located in downtown Sacramento. Our mission is to recreate the original flavors of Thai street foods and offer the experience of Thai food culture.

Born and raised in Thailand, Napis and Napak have always enjoyed the street food scenes of Thailand. Strolling down the streets of Thailand, one can find various offerings from snacks like Moo Ping (grilled pork skewers), drinks, traditional rice and noodles dishes like Pad Ga Prao and Boat Noodles to a dish with a modern twist like Thai-flavored crepe. The two sisters strive for the most original recipes and finest ingredients to deliver the nostalgic flavors of the streets of Thailand to Sacramento."

Pizzasaurus Rex business thumbnail

Pizzasaurus Rex

AmericanHappy HourItalianLate-Night EatsPizza

2322 K Street
Sacramento, CA
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Pizza restaurant offering local beer and handmade pizzas.

Journey to the Dumpling business thumbnail

Journey to the Dumpling

Bars & NightlifeJapaneseLate-Night EatsSmall PlatesVeganVegetarianWorld Cuisine

1714 21st Street
sacramento, ca
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"Locally owned by three foodies, we’re working hard to become the Sacramento area’s best spot to start your journey to the dumpling. We’re owned by three young friends with a passion for what we do, and we set out to create a family-friendly atmosphere in which to share our favorite foods. Our voice should be as modern as our decor, as warm as our soup dumplings, and as enthusiastic as we are about the little Chinese-food haven we’ve created."

Ro Sham Beaux business thumbnail

Ro Sham Beaux

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourLate-Night Eats

2413 J Street
Sacramento, CA
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Ro Sham Beaux is a casual American bar with snacks and a wide variety of low/no ABV wine and beers.

Ramen 101 business thumbnail

Ramen 101

Happy HourJapaneseLate-Night EatsPatioVegetarian

1609 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
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Build your own bowl of ramen or pick from the extensive ramen menu.

No Moo Foods business thumbnail

No Moo Foods


1930 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
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Plant-based proteins, alternative meat patties, whole food ingredients, and delicious foodie experience drawing inspiration from plant-based international cuisine with vegan & gluten-free option.

Midtown Spirits business thumbnail

Midtown Spirits

AmericanBars & NightlifePatioWinery

1717 19th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
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The first distillery in the Sacramento city limits since the prohibition. 

Bober Tea business thumbnail

Bober Tea

Coffee HousesDessertsLate-Night EatsThe Handle District

1801 L Street, Suite 80
Sacramento , CA 95811
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Tea, boba, donuts, yogurt, and more.

Midtown Bakery business thumbnail

Midtown Bakery


2301 J Street
Sacramento , CA 95816
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Sacramento’s midtown bakery for delicious handcrafted cookies, cakes, pies, and savory treats! Midtown Bakery was created by Angela Harris, whose love of beautiful desserts and making others happy through serving delicious food has been part of her being since childhood.

Babes Ice Cream & Donuts business thumbnail

Babes Ice Cream & Donuts

AmericanDessertsGluten FreeSmall PlatesVeganVegetarian

2417 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
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100% vegan and gluten-free Ice cream and donuts. Founded by Pushkin's

Fire Wings Midtown business thumbnail

Fire Wings Midtown

AmericanBars & NightlifePatio

1700 15th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
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Wings & Beer! Is there anything left to talk about? How about that we have over 20 wing flavors, beer on tap, Pepsi Spire machine, & unbelievable sides to pair with your meal. If that's not enough to get you to come and hang out with us then feel free to place your order online and your wings will be ready for you to pick-up as soon as you arrive.

The Good Scoop business thumbnail

The Good Scoop

AmericanDessertsGluten FreePatioVegan

1716 15th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
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At The Good Scoop, all of their ice cream is made in very small batches, just 1.5 gallons at a time to ensure freshness and they always look for local seasonally available ingredients first.

 business thumbnail



1700 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
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Propagate is as a full service interior plant design company and plant shop based in Sacramento, CA. They work with local businesses to elevate the beauty of their space through professional plant installations and monthly maintenance. When they're not grooming plants for our clients, we're at the shop helping people pick out the perfect houseplant from a wide variety of foliage, or hosting creative workshops.

Kiki’s Chicken Place business thumbnail

Kiki's Chicken Place

AmericanBreakfast/BrunchLate-Night EatsSandwiches/DeliSmall Plates

1901 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
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At Kiki's they strive to serve the best fried chicken in the area. Just plain and simple great Fried Chicken with their unique homemade family recipe that will keep you coming back for more. 

 business thumbnail

Pizza Cult

AmericanBars & NightlifeHappy HourItalianLate-Night EatsPizza

1517 21st Street
Sacramento , CA 95811
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Pizza restaurant located inside Midtown's Holy Diver

Burger Patch business thumbnail

Burger Patch

AmericanGluten FreeSmall PlatesVeganVegetarian

Sacramento, CA 95816
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Burger Patch is the only plant-based 'fast food' establishment in Midtown! Enjoy vegan and plant-based meals including burgers, chicken nuggets, fries, shakes, and more!

Tea Bar & Fusion Cafe business thumbnail

Tea Bar & Fusion Cafe

Breakfast/BrunchGluten FreePatioSandwiches/DeliSmall Plates

2700 Capitol Ave
Sacramento, CA 95816
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Frozen, sparkling, iced, and steamed teas along with fusion bowls, wraps, snacks and more!

Burgers and Brewhouse business thumbnail

Burgers and Brewhouse

AmericanBars & NightlifeHappy HourLate-Night EatsSandwiches/Deli

1616 J Street
Sacramento, CA
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Delicious House Brew at Sacramento Brewery with amazing choices of a variety of fresh made hamburgers

Golden Road Brewing business thumbnail

Golden Road Brewing

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatio

1830 L Street
Sacrramento, CA
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Golden Road’s year-round offerings include Wolf Pup Session IPA, Point the Way IPA, Golden Road Hefeweizen, Get Up Offa That Brown and Wolf Among Weeds IPA. Along with the core beers, Golden Road brewers are constantly experimenting with the freshest ingredients through a collection of rotating, seasonal and limited-edition brews.

O-Toro Sushi business thumbnail

O-Toro Sushi & Shabu

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourJapaneseLate-Night Eats

2131 J Street
Sacramento, CA
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Midtown’s first Sushi & Shabu restaurant & bar. Shabu available from 5 pm-10 pm

Alaro Craft Brewery business thumbnail

Alaro Craft Brewery

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourPatioSmall Plates

2004 Capitol Ave
Sacramento, CA 95811
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Craft Spanish Brewery in Midtown with small bites and hand-crafted beers.

Seasons Coffee business thumbnail

Seasons Coffee

Breakfast/BrunchCoffee Houses

1717 19th street
Sacramento, CA 95811
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Locally owned, roasted, and brewed, Seasons Coffee is handcrafted especially for you & delivered directly to your doorstep! Seasons is everything that good coffee should be: Fresh, sustainable, and locally brewed, just the way you like it. Their neighborhood staff delivers your coffee directly to your door, wherever you are located in Sacramento.

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches business thumbnail

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches


1420 16th St #100
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 619-8777
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Ike’s first opened its company doors on Halloween of 2007. The man behind the sandwich, Ike Shehadeh, always puts his customer's happiness first. That is what sets Ike’s Love and Sandwiches apart from the rest. When you come to Ike’s, it is their goal to make you feel like the unique individual that you are. If that isn’t enough to set us aside, did we mention “Ike’s Dirty Secret Sauce” is spread on every sandwich and baked right into the bread? They have over 500 sandwiches to choose from!

The Flamingo House business thumbnail

The Flamingo House

Bars & NightlifeCMRBIDHappy HourLate-Night EatsSmall Plates

2315 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 409-7500
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The Flamingo House is an intermingling of midtown sub-culture and coastal leisure offering a unique California approach with plates and exceptional cocktails.

Alley Katz business thumbnail

Alley Katz

Bars & Nightlife

2019 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 442-2682
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Tucked away on O Street between 20th and 21st is Alley Katz. Established on January 1, 2010, we strive to be the best Beer Bar in Sacramento offering a combined total of over 200 different beers, 86 of them being drafts.

Nekter business thumbnail



1050 20th St., Suite 120
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 399-4788
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Nékter Juice Bar believes that healthy should taste good and feel good, too. A healthy and balanced lifestyle should be affordable and accessible for anyone who desires to embrace it. Their handcrafted juices, smoothies, and acai bowls are natural, clean and always buzzing with the most energizing and nutrient-rich ingredients. For healthy on-the-go, try one of their cold pressed juices or take a 6-bottle vacation with a Nekter Cleanse!

Cantina Alley business thumbnail

Cantina Alley

Bars & NightlifeCMRBIDSmall Plates

2320 Jazz Alley
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 936-2320
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Midtown’s Cantina Alley is not only a Cantina, but “La Cantina” where we give you the opportunity to live traditions of our beloved Mexico! From the lively and colorful art and murals on the walls, to the traditional Mexican street food and craft beer, enjoy the newest creative drinks infusing fruit, spirits, and the influence of Mexico.

Karma Brew business thumbnail

Karma Brew

AmericanBars & NightlifeEuropeanSmall PlatesWorld Cuisine

1530 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 917-5555
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Snug watering hole with a fireplace, a bar & a few tables, offering beer, wine & American tapas.

University of Beer business thumbnail

University of Beer

AmericanBars & NightlifeHappy HourLate-Night EatsSmall Plates

1510 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 996-4844
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Fit Eats business thumbnail

Fit Eats


1420 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916 )448-3287
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It's Fresh. It's Fit. It's Easy!
Healthy Meals To Fuel Your Body

Luna’s Cafe & Juice Bar business thumbnail

Luna’s Cafe & Juice Bar

Coffee HousesHealthSandwiches/Deli

1414 16th St
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 441-3931
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Long-running, bohemian hangout with art on the walls & a menu of espresso drinks, sandwiches & more.

Pronto business thumbnail


Bars & NightlifeHappy HourItalian

1501 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-5850
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Casual counter-serve joint offering New York-style pies & Italian-American dishes in a bright space.

Uncle Vito’s Slice of NY business thumbnail

Uncle Vito’s Slice of NY

Bars & NightlifeItalianLate-Night Eats

1501 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 444-3699
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Old-school parlor & bar providing New York–style pies with custom toppings in quaint quarters.

Easy on I business thumbnail

Easy on I

AmericanBars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchHappy Hour

1725 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 469-9574
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An extension of our livingrooms. Everyone knows everyone here, and if you're new, you'll feel like you're a regular. At Easy, you can have a pint and wait for that thing to blow over. Or you can enjoy awesome food, from the light Chicken Caesar Wrap on a warm afternoon to the hearty Pork Pops and a solid stout on a cold day.

The Original Mel’s business thumbnail

The Original Mel’s

AmericanBreakfast/BrunchLate-Night EatsThe Alhambra Corridor

3000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 444-5158
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The Original Mels has now grown to 18 restaurants, serving All-American Family favorites throughout Northern California and Northern Nevada. The Original Mels is committed to honoring our 70 year history by continuing to serve great food at great value, treating every customer like family, respecting and supporting our own employees to reach their own life goals. We also have a foundational commitment to reach and affect positive change with as many lives that we are honored to come in contact with by investing our time, our resources and our caring.

Our goal is to “Do something GREAT” each and every day!

See’s Candies business thumbnail

See’s Candies


2220 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 448-2340
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See's Candies has been making quality chocolate and candy Mary See's way for over 90 years. From the beginning, Mary took pride in her recipes and insisted on only the finest, freshest ingredients. Today, we're still just as committed to making candy the right way.

See's has expanded from one chocolate shop to over 200 shops across America and a flourishing online store. And though we continue to grow, our commitment to tradition, taste, service and quality never wavers.

Stop into one of our iconic black-and-white shops inspired by Mary's kitchen, or visit us online. You'll find over 100 varieties of delicious candy, chocolates, and seasonal gifts made with the same motto in mind: quality without compromise®.

Goldfield Trading Post business thumbnail

Goldfield Trading Post

AmericanBars & NightlifeLate-Night Eats

1630 J St
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 476-5076
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Upscale bar & grill offering modern pub fare & comfort food, plus frequent country-western music.

Bento Box business thumbnail

Bento Box

Bars & NightlifeJapaneseLate-Night Eats

1101 16th St
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 706-1331
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Lively, contemporary eatery serving sushi rolls & Japanese plates, plus a lunch buffet.

Mango’s/Burger Town business thumbnail


AmericanBars & NightlifeCMRBIDPatio

1930 K St
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 325-9000
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Delicious burgers by day, refreshing drinks by night, Burgertown has a bit of everything! Each hamburger is comprised from fresh Five Dot Ranch beef!

La Fiesta Taqueria business thumbnail

La Fiesta Taqueria

Late-Night EatsMexicanThe Alhambra Corridor

1105 Alhambra Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916( 995-5352
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Casual Mexican restaurant with a selection of familiar eats, including burritos, enchiladas & tacos.

Plates Midtown business thumbnail

Plates Midtown

AmericanSandwiches/DeliThe Handle District

1725 L St
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 426-3884
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Plates Midtown is an employment training program of Saint John’s Program for Real Change and a proud partner of the Farm to Fork movement, striving for a more sustainable future at all levels. We work with regional farmers, dairies, bakeries and ranchers to provide you with fresh and sustainable ingredients.

Domino’s Pizza business thumbnail

Domino's Pizza

Late-Night EatsPizza

1901 J St
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 504-3399
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Founded in 1960, Domino's is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery operating a network of company-owned and franchise-owned stores in the United States and international markets.

TOGO’s Sandwiches business thumbnail

TOGO's Sandwiches


1420 16th St #100
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 538-6343
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Togo's Sandwiches, a West Coast Original, since 1971 serving big, made to order sandwiches stuffed with the freshest ingredients.

KFC/A&W business thumbnail


AmericanLate-Night EatsThe Alhambra Corridor

3030 Capitol Ave
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 452-5954
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Fast-food chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus wings & sides.

IHOP business thumbnail


AmericanBreakfast/BrunchKids MenuThe Alhambra Corridor

3001 N St
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 455-1548
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Long-standing chain serving a wide variety of pancakes & other American breakfast & diner fare.

Jamba Juice business thumbnail

Jamba Juice

HealthThe Alhambra CorridorVegetarian

1127 Alhambra Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 737-2051
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Counter-serve chain for smoothies, juices & health-focused light bites.

McDonald’s business thumbnail


AmericanKids MenuLate-Night EatsThe Alhambra Corridor

3006 K St
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 457-2251
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Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers, fries & shakes.

Subway business thumbnail


Late-Night EatsSandwiches/Deli

2104 P St & 2029 J St
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 446-0039 & (916) 448-3030
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Restaurant chain that serves sub sandwiches.

Localis business thumbnail


Bars & NightlifeFine DiningPatio

2031 S St
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 737-7699
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Hyper-seasonal ingredients showcased with precise technique and attention to detail, balanced with our love of big flavors.

Tea Cup Cafe business thumbnail

Tea Cup Cafe

Late-Night EatsWorld Cuisine

1614 21st St
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 448-6212
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Our Chinese restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients.

Q Street Bar and Grill business thumbnail

Q Street Bar and Grill

AmericanBars & NightlifeHappy HourLate-Night Eats

2013 Q St
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 443-5555
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Also known as Benny's, this dive bar is a great place to grab a drink and a bite to eat.

N Street Cafe business thumbnail

N Street Cafe

Breakfast/BrunchCoffee HousesSandwiches/Deli

2022 N St
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 491-4008
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We are open 7 days a week to serve you only the finest coffee’s and the freshest sandwiches.

Pieces Pizza By the Slice business thumbnail

Pieces Pizza By the Slice

Gluten FreeLate-Night EatsPizza

1309 21st St
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 441-1949
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Pizza slices are served until late at this comfy, cash-only outpost with gluten-free options.

The Grand business thumbnail

The Grand

Bars & NightlifePatioSmall Plates

1600 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-0472
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Sacramento's most distinctive wine experience, that now features craft cocktails and craft people watching.

The Waterboy business thumbnail

The Waterboy

AmericanDessertsFine DiningItalianPatioPizzaSmall Plates

2000 Capitol Ave
Sacramento, CA 958111
(916) 498-9891
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Classy spot for Italian, French & Californian cuisine with a focus on seasonal, local ingredients.

Mercantile Saloon business thumbnail

Mercantile Saloon

Bars & NightlifePatio

1928 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 447-0792
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A wonderful watering hole in beautiful Downtown Sacramento. Located at 1928 L Street, you are sure to find a great mix of terrific folks to enjoy a nice frosty beverage with on these warm Sacramento days.

Sushi Cafe business thumbnail

Sushi Cafe

Happy HourJapaneseSmall Plates

1221 Alhambra Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 451-6888
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Unwind with great rolls and beer during happy hour!

Orchid Thai business thumbnail

Orchid Thai


1609 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 476-3681
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Craft cocktails along with a touch of Thailand
Coming from the masterful mixology minds of that brought you Shady Lady, we have a beautifully designed craft cocktail menu that is sure to excite the palette.

Identity Coffees business thumbnail

Identity Coffees

Coffee Houses

1430 28th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 225-0738
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Identity Coffees is stoked to support local creatives in our community. We host the Midtown Bizarre every second Saturday - a micro Maker's Bazaar which features awesome handmade goods. We also are stoked to offer all-ages music shows. Check out our events, all of which pair great with delicious coffee. See you soon!

Suzie Burger business thumbnail

Suzie Burger


2820 P Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 455-3500
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Come Chill At One Of Midtown's Hottest Burger Joints!

Midtown Sushi business thumbnail

Midtown Sushi

Happy HourJapaneseLate-Night EatsPatioSmall PlatesWorld Cuisine

2801 P Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 451-4700
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Popular sushi house providing a variety of imaginative rolls & plates in compact, modern surrounds.

Hawks Provisions and Public House business thumbnail

Hawks Provisions and Public House

AmericanFine Dining

1525 Alhambra Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 588-4440
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Hawks Provisions, located just steps away from Public House, offers quality products for those on the go. Breakfast offerings include Chocolate Fish Coffee, house made pastries, and heartier dishes such as quiche and croque monsieur sandwiches. For lunch, guests can choose from a short list of sandwiches, salads and soups.

Zebra Club business thumbnail

Zebra Club

Bars & Nightlife

1900 P Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 442-3972
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The bar also has a large, covered and heated outdoor smoking patio.

Old Tavern Bar & Grill business thumbnail

Old Tavern Bar & Grill

Bars & Nightlife

1510 20th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 917-5707
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Old Tavern Bar & Grill's guests are no strangers to casual clothing, and sneakers are spotted around every corner.

The Press Club business thumbnail

The Press Club

Bars & Nightlife

2030 P Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 444-7914
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Voted "Best Dance Spot in Sacramento" by the readers of the Sac News & Review in 2015 and 2016!

The Limelight business thumbnail

The Limelight

Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchHappy HourPatio

1014 Alhambra Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 446-2236
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The Limelight Cafe features elevated American bar food. Try out our great burgers, terrific tacos, classic wings, sumptuous salads, artisan pizzas, and famous breakfasts.

Safeway business thumbnail


Coffee HousesGrocery StoreShopping

1025 Alhambra Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 456-0852
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Open 24 hours!

OBO business thumbnail


AmericanBars & NightlifeDessertsFine DiningHappy HourItalianPatioPizzaSandwiches/DeliSmall PlatesThe Alhambra Corridor

3145 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, CA
(916) 822-8720
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Take a break from your busy day with a bite and a glass of wine, have a date night, gather with friends, bring the whole family, take home food to go, or have us cater your next meeting or event. At any time of day OBO’ is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the best things in life. Come as you are – no reservations accepted. Buon appetito!

Revolution Wines business thumbnail

Revolution Wines

AmericanDessertsFine DiningHappy Hour

2381 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 444-7711
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Pushkin’s Restaurant business thumbnail

Pushkin’s Restaurant

AmericanBreakfast/BrunchGluten FreeKids MenuVegan

1813 Capitol Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95811
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A great restaurant in the center of Midtown that not only features their gluten-free specialties, but is 60 percent vegan as well.

Pushkin’s Bakery business thumbnail

Pushkin’s Bakery

Breakfast/BrunchDessertsGluten Free

1820 29th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 376-7752
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We are your Sacramento area exclusive wheat/gluten and dairy-free dedicated bakery.

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op business thumbnail

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

Breakfast/BrunchCoffee HousesDessertsGrocery StoreHealthLate-Night EatsSandwiches/DeliShoppingSmall PlatesVeganVegetarianWorld Cuisine

2820 R St
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 455-2667
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To provide the benefits of natural foods and products, economic cooperation, and sustainable practices to as many people as possible in the communities we serve.

Highwater business thumbnail


AmericanBars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatio

1910 Q Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 706-2465
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Chef Mick Stevenson prepares some fantastic High Desert Fare guaranteed to sooth your soul. With lunch and dinner service available daily and a brunch menu on the weekends Highwater's kitchen will excite the most refined palates. Pair your meal with one of our signature cocktails for a real treat.

The Mill business thumbnail

The Mill

Coffee Houses

1827 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
916 - 469 - 9683
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Now serving made to order yeasted waffles everyday until 3pm!

Temple Coffee business thumbnail

Temple Coffee

Coffee Houses

2200 K Street and 2829 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 662-7265
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A coffee’s journey — from sourcing, travel, and roasting — ultimately ends when it’s served to our guests, either through whole bean sales or beverage preparation by our baristas.

Sun & Soil Juice Company business thumbnail

Sun & Soil Juice Company

Coffee HousesHealthVegetarian

1912 P Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 341-0327
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Molly Brown and Tatiana Kaiser opened the doors to Sun & Soil Juice Company in Midtown Sacramento, June 2014 (19th & P street). The Mission was simple – to infuse raw organic nutrition into the community through delicious juice, smoothies, and food.

Jungle Bird business thumbnail

Jungle Bird

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatio

2516 J Street
Sacramento, California
(916) 476-3280
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The Jungle Bird is a tropical escape right in the heart of Midtown Sacramento. With an extensive rum selection, paradise inspired decor and delicious island cuisine, The Jungle Bird will be your new favorite destination!

Squeeze Burger business thumbnail

Squeeze Burger

AmericanHappy Hour

1630 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 492-2499
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With burgers that is! Come and relax. Listen to great music, enjoy some hot fries with your friends or colleagues and experience the love of the famous cheese skirt for yourself!!!

Icing on the Cupcake business thumbnail

Icing on the Cupcake


2416 J Street
Sacramento, Ca 95811
(916) 303-4333
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Icing on the Cupcake is a local boutique bakery offering a variety of cupcakes, cookies, and sweet treats to choose from.

Magpie Cafe business thumbnail

Magpie Cafe

AmericanBreakfast/BrunchCoffee HousesDessertsFine Dining

1601 16th Street
Sacramento, Ca 95814
(916) 452-7594
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Magpie Cafe is a locally owned restaurant promising more sustainable food options for the community.

Big Stump Brewing Company business thumbnail

Big Stump Brewing Company

Bars & NightlifeThe Handle District

1716 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 668-7433
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We draw upon the incredibly rich brewing traditions that span the globe and filter them through the unique perspective that makes us who we are.

Broderick Roadhouse business thumbnail

Broderick Roadhouse

AmericanDessertsThe Handle District

1820 L Street
Sacramento, CA
(916) 469-9720
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Critically acclaimed scratch made comfort food: burgers, wings, fries & brunch on the weekends. Broderick’s features a full bar, and taps lined with local beers.

Veg (American Vegetarian) business thumbnail

Veg (American Vegetarian)

Coffee HousesVegetarian

2431 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 448-8768
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In the heart of midtown (corner of J and 25th street), VEG is located on the second floor (above Thai Basil restaurant) in a beautiful victorian building.

Thai Canteen business thumbnail

Thai Canteen

Late-Night EatsThai

1501 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 382-9196
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Thai Canteen, serving the real flavors of Bangkok food.

Nishiki Sushi business thumbnail

Nishiki Sushi

JapaneseLate-Night Eats

1501 16th Street
Sacramento, California 95814
(916) 446-3629
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Nishiki Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that serves authentic traditional Japanese comfort food and sushi including nigiri-sushi, gungan-sushi, maki-sushi and fresh cut sashimi.

The Old Spaghetti Factory business thumbnail

The Old Spaghetti Factory


1900 J Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 443-2862
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The Old Spaghetti Factory is a family owned and operated Italian Restaurant, founded in Portland, Oregon in 1969.

Sawasdee Thai Cuisine business thumbnail

Sawasdee Thai Cuisine

PatioThaiWorld Cuisine

1830 J Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 329-8678
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Sawasdee is a family run Thai Restaurant specializing in Traditional Style Thai Food.

Sac Brew Bike business thumbnail

Sac Brew Bike

Bars & Nightlife

1519 19th Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 952-7973
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100% green, eco-friendly party bike that cruises to some of the areas best brew stops.

Tapa the World business thumbnail

Tapa the World

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatioSmall Plates

2115 J Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 442-4353
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Midtown's original favorite late night dining hotspot.

Tres Hermanas business thumbnail

Tres Hermanas

Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchCMRBIDHappy HourMexicanPatioWorld Cuisine

2416 K Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 443-6919
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Tres Hermanas was started by three sisters; Sonia, Dora, and Norma are all originally from Chihuahua, Mexico! A casual and inviting atmosphere, enjoy the most appetizing Northern Mexican food and refreshing Margaritas for breakfast (weekends), lunch or dinner.

Jack’s Urban Eats business thumbnail

Jack's Urban Eats


1230 20th Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 444-0307
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Relax and savor Jack's Urban Eats' casual ambiance and classic American cuisine.

Lucca Restaurant & Bar business thumbnail

Lucca Restaurant & Bar

Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchDessertsFine DiningHappy HourItalianPatioPizza

1615 J Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 669-5300
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Nestled between Midtown and Downtown Sacramento, Lucca Restaurant offers a California - Mediterranean influenced menu with reasonably priced, recognizable menu choices, graciously served in a classy, comfortable setting.

Thai Basil business thumbnail

Thai Basil

PatioSmall PlatesThaiWorld Cuisine

2431 J Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 442-7690
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With an imaginative and delectable assortment of Thai dishes, hand selected wine list and professional wait and line staff, Thai Basil restaurant is listed year after year as the best of what Sacramento has to offer.

Beach Hut Deli business thumbnail

Beach Hut Deli

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourPatioSandwiches/Deli

2406 J Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 442-1400
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Beach Hut Deli gives it's customers a fun, relaxing home-away-from-home environment where you can hang out and "chill."

Kru Contemporary Japanese business thumbnail

Kru Contemporary Japanese

Bars & NightlifeFine DiningHappy HourJapaneseLate-Night EatsSmall PlatesWorld Cuisine

3135 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 551-1559
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Kru seeks to interpret the guest’s intent, palate, mood and occasion through our technique and passion. Plates and glass our vehicles, we honor our ingredients through contemporary Japanese cuisine, Barmanship and Omakase. Kru delivers our product by way of single-hearted, two-way engagement and hospitality-Omotanashi. The customer is part of our crew who is of one goal — to share in a culinary experience that pushes the envelope of imagination and possibility.

Kasbah Lounge business thumbnail

Kasbah Lounge

Bars & NightlifeCoffee HousesHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatioSmall PlatesWorld Cuisine

2115 J Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 442-4388
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Kasbah Lounge, a lounge and restaurant is an extension of Tapa the World owned by brother and sister Paul Ringstrom and Conni Levis. Extending the flavors, sounds, smells and sights of the Middle East to the Spanish focused food of the restaurant next door.

Bombay Bar & Grill business thumbnail

Bombay Bar & Grill

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourLate-Night EatsWorld Cuisine

1315 21st Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 441-7100
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Bombay Bar & Grill lures diners with an approachable menu of mildly spiced Indian cuisine that Zagat scored as "very good to excellent."

Azul Mexican Food business thumbnail

Azul Mexican Food

Bars & NightlifeCMRBIDHappy HourLate-Night EatsMexicanPatioWorld Cuisine

1050 20th Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 447-4040
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The menu at Azul includes delicious dishes from different regions of Mexico, including cochinita pibil, ceviche, mole poblano, as well as traditional tacos al pastor. Azul offers the best selection of 100% agave tequila in Sacramento, which brings the food to life! The walls display beautiful artwork created from the ideas and expressions of local artists.

Azul brings authentic Mexican food and modern contemporary Mexican style into a sophisticated and urban ambiance. "Mexican hip" is the best way to describe the cuisine and atmosphere as a result of blending traditional and modern styles.

Rick’s Dessert Diner business thumbnail

Rick's Dessert Diner

DessertsLate-Night Eats

2401 J Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 444-0969
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Rick's Dessert Diner has more than 285 varieties of European and American desserts, all made fresh daily from “scratch.

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative business thumbnail

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative

Coffee Houses

919 20th Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 204-7554
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Based in California, The Pachamama Coffee Cooperative of Small-Scale Coffee Producers is a unique global cooperative that is wholly-owned and controlled by small-scale coffee farmers around the world.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea business thumbnail

Peet's Coffee & Tea

Coffee HousesPatio

Midtown 1050 20th Street, Alhambra 3100 Folsom Blvd #100
Sacramento, California 95811
Midtown (916) 266-7660, Alhambra (916) 379-8740
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The premier specialty coffee and tea company in the United States.

Starbucks business thumbnail


Coffee HousesPatio

Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 448-5841
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Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit -- one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.

The Porch business thumbnail

The Porch

Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchFine DiningHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatio

1815 K Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 444-2423
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Located in the heart of midtown, The Porch serves up southern-influenced, down-home low country cuisine.

The Golden Bear business thumbnail

The Golden Bear

Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchCMRBIDHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatioPizzaSandwiches/Deli

2326 K Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 441-2242
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Since 2004, Golden Bear been a casual bar and kitchen in Midtown. We have a welcoming staff, a laid back vibe, and are proud to serve you delicious food made from scratch, cold craft beer and stiff cocktails. We host weekly Wednesday trivia nights and popular annual events like our Hot Toddy Competition. Open until 2 am everyday we serve lunch, happy hour, dinner and weekend brunch. Come by yourself, bring your friends or bring your grandma - everyone is welcome to grab a bite to eat and stay for the DJ!

Noah’s Bagels business thumbnail

Noah's Bagels

Breakfast/BrunchCoffee HousesPatioSandwiches/Deli

1901 J Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 444-5887
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Noah's® is a neighborhood based, deli inspired restaurant that serves a variety of signature sandwiches, fresh baked breads, home-style soups, tempting sweets and our award winning bagels.

Cornerstone Restaurant business thumbnail

Cornerstone Restaurant

Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchCoffee HousesDessertsHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatio

2326 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 441-0948
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Visit once and you’ll quickly join the family of “regulars” who make Cornerstone Cafe Restaurants an ongoing success.

Tank House BBQ & Bar business thumbnail

Tank House BBQ & Bar

Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatio

1925 J Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 431-7199
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Tank House BBQ & Bar is a family owned and operated establishment in Midtown Sacramento. Classic BBQ food, local beers on draft, and a full bar.

Streets Pub & Grub business thumbnail

Streets Pub & Grub

Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatioSmall PlatesWorld Cuisine

1804 J Street
Sacramento, California California
(916) 498-1388
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Inspired by the warm and welcoming pubs found on just about any corner in Britain, you’ll feel at home while savoring a great meal and an ice cold pint in our casual and relaxed dining room.

The Depot business thumbnail

The Depot

Bars & NightlifeHappy Hour

2001 K Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 441-6823
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The Depot has proudly served the Sacramento Valley since 1997. Its’ sleek design of brushed stainless steel and finished concrete lends a comfortable yet elegant feel.

Faces Nightclub business thumbnail

Faces Nightclub

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourPatio

2000 K Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 448-7798
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FACES is the Premier Dance Club for Sacramento's Gay Nightlife. With a variety of programs that offer a multitude of entertainment weekly for everyone 21+.

Badlands business thumbnail


Bars & NightlifeHappy HourPatio

2003 K Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 448-8790
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Sacramento’s Premier Gay Nightclub with Dancing Nightly.

LowBrau Bierhalle business thumbnail

LowBrau Bierhalle

Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchCMRBIDLate-Night EatsPatio

1050 20th Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 706-2636
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LowBrau is a modern take on the traditional German Bierhalle. Willkommen! LowBrau makes the finest traditional and gourmet sausages in house and offers a wide selection of craft beers!

Kupros Craft House business thumbnail

Kupros Craft House

Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchCoffee HousesHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatioSmall Plates

1217 21st Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 440-0401
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Think of your favorite neighborhood watering hole with an upscale feel. Constantly revolving Kraft Beers, unique Cocktails and Artisnal nibbles guaranteed.

Federalist Public House business thumbnail

Federalist Public House

Bars & NightlifeItalianPatioPizza

2009 Matsui Alley
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 661-6134
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Federalist is a celebration of all things Sacramento: beer, pizza, wine & architecture.

Der Biergarten business thumbnail

Der Biergarten

Bars & NightlifeCMRBIDPatioWorld Cuisine

2332 K Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 346-4572
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Der Biergarten is Sacramento’s spot to socialize over some great German beer and light German fare. This Midtown Sacramento beer lover’s spot is a twist on the traditional German beer garden. It’s authentically German in its extensive beer selection and light German food menu, with 32 beers on draft and sausages brought in fresh from Sacramento’s #1 German Butcher.

Its traditional Biergarten tables that were shipped to Sacramento from relatives in Germany will have you seated in a communal atmosphere sipping great German beer from half and full liter steins.

While Der Biergarten has no TV’s, music or dance floor , it makes up for in its spot to socialize. Whether you’re sitting at a table catching up with friends or playing a game of Corn Hole, Foosball or Ping Pong, we think you will come to love the atmosphere.

Barwest business thumbnail


Bars & NightlifeHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatioThe Sutter District

2724 J Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 476-4550
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Barwest is a modern day neighborhood sports bar and restaurant that serves up delicious burgers, hot wings, beer, cocktails, wine and more. An instant neighborhood fixture on J Street, Barwest welcomes residents and visitors from all over the city who gather to watch live sports and enjoy fresh, simple, and delicious food and drinks. Whether meeting for lunch, on a dinner date or watching the big game, Barwest can’t wait to make your experience unforgettable!

58 Degrees & Holding Co. business thumbnail

58 Degrees & Holding Co.

Bars & NightlifeFine DiningPatioSmall PlatesThe Handle District

1217 18th Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 442-5858
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58 Degrees & Holding Co. provides an upscale, relaxing environment where one can enjoy some of the world’s most interesting wines.

Paragary’s Oven & Bar business thumbnail

Paragary's Oven & Bar

Fine DiningHappy HourPatioThe Sutter District

1401 28th Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 457-5737
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Paragary’s is a lively bistro with California flair located in the heart of Midtown. The menu and bar program are inspired by the seasonal bounty of the Sacramento region. Originally established in 1983, Paragary's underwent an extensive remodel in 2015, combining both modern and traditional elements to create a relaxed, timeless environment that lets the food and drinks take center stage. The outdoor patio is one of the finest dining experiences around, as Paragary's was nationally recognized by Open Table in 2017 as one of the top 100 Best Al Fresco Dining Restaurants in America!

Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar business thumbnail

Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar

Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatioThe Sutter District

2718 J Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 706-2275
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The Red Rabbit’s mission: Raising the neighborhood bar. They believe in seasonal and local. Not just for ingredients, but our banking, printing, accounting and design are truly local. Enjoy the farm-to-table food selections, the artisan cocktails, sourced beer and wine.

INK Eats & Drinks business thumbnail

INK Eats & Drinks

Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatioThe Sutter District

2730 N Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 456-2800
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INK Eats & Drinks, Midtown's cultured American bistro offers lunch, dinner and late-night food and weekend brunch! Conveniently located and independently operated, INK stands as one of Sacramento ascending eateries based on well-portioned dishes, specialty cocktails, long-running happy hours, and selected nightly discounts.

Harlow’s business thumbnail


Bars & NightlifePatioThe Sutter District

2708 J Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 441-4693
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Founded in 1982, Harlow’s is Sacramento’s favorite entertainment venue featuring prominent, nationally renowned musicians as well as acclaimed local acts performing in a casual art deco setting. Harlow’s professional dining and kitchen staff offer an award winning menu while concert-goers take in a world class show. The stage is consistently graced by musicians who create the atmosphere you’re looking for. Harlow’s also offers VIP seating and bottle service in our custom made, raised booths for those groups who want a bit of privacy while maintaining an excellent view of the show. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to spend a little time outside enjoying one of the best patios in the region. With abundant comfortable seating, fire pits and a full service bar, this open-air contemporary oasis is the perfect spot to have a cocktail, talk about the show, and rest your dancing feet. Add the option of throwing your own private, catered event here and you’ll experience why Harlow’s truly is Sacramento’s favorite entertainment venue.

Centro Cocina Mexicana business thumbnail

Centro Cocina Mexicana

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourLate-Night EatsMexicanPatioThe Sutter DistrictWorld Cuisine

2730 J Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 442-2552
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A staple in the Sacramento dining scene for over 20 years, Centro Cocina Mexicana offers the finest regional Mexican cuisine in a festive and colorful atmosphere. Located on the bustling corner of 28th & J Streets, Centro has remained one of the best midtown Sacramento Mexican restaurants due to its commitment to fresh, authentic cuisine, its extensive list of tequilas (300 and counting) and margaritas and the friendly, energetic staff.

Blue Cue business thumbnail

Blue Cue

Bars & NightlifeHappy HourLate-Night EatsPatioThe Sutter District

1004 28th Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 441-6810
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With a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, full bar, pool tables and lounge seating, Blue Cue is a great Sacramento bar for dining and entertainment. If Blue Cue doesn't look like a typical pool hall, that's because it isn't. The billiards spot doubles as a restaurant, and nearly everything about it from the bright blue pool tables to the sleek couches propped against exposed-brick walls contributes to an atmosphere that's classy and upscale. That atmosphere carries over to a menu of comfort foods headlined by charbroiled burgers, hot dogs, and New York-style pizzas.

Zocalo business thumbnail


Bars & NightlifeBreakfast/BrunchFine DiningHappy HourMexicanPatioThe Handle DistrictWorld Cuisine

1801 Capitol Ave
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 441-0303
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Zocalo is Regional Mexican at its best.

Yogurtagogo business thumbnail


DessertsPatioThe Handle District

1801 L Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 346-4649
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Yogurtagogo combines the latest in sophisticated and healthy dessert options: frozen yogurt + fruit & veggie smoothies.

The Rind business thumbnail

The Rind

DessertsHappy HourSmall PlatesThe Handle DistrictWorld Cuisine

1801 L Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 441-7463
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The Rind is a cheese-centric bar where you can experience unique and inspiring artisanal cheeses paired with delightful and complex wines and beers.

Paesanos business thumbnail


DessertsHappy HourItalianPizzaThe Handle District

1806 Capitol Ave
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 447-8646
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For over 15 years, Paesanos has been delighting guests with great Italian and eclectic fare at affordable prices.

Old Soul Co. business thumbnail

Old Soul Co.

Breakfast/BrunchCoffee HousesDessertsThe Handle District

1716 L Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 443.7685
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Old Soul Co. is a boutique coffee roaster and baker in Midtown Sacramento

Ginger Elizabeth business thumbnail

Ginger Elizabeth

DessertsFine DiningThe Handle District

1801 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 706-1738
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Chocolate confections and chocolate pastries.

Crepeville business thumbnail


Breakfast/BrunchCoffee HousesDessertsPatioThe Handle District

1730 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 444-1100
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Crepes, sandwiches, salads and pastas galore!

Buckhorn Grill business thumbnail

Buckhorn Grill

PatioThe Handle District

1801 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 446-3757
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An upscale, quick-service restaurant with locations across northern California.

Aioli Bodega Espanola business thumbnail

Aioli Bodega Espanola

DessertsFine DiningPatioSmall PlatesWorld Cuisine

1800 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 447-9440
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Spanish cuisine in wonderfully warm European ambiance.

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