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What is Parking Improvement Planning?

To ease traffic congestion and make the parking experience easier, the City of Sacramento is in the process of modernizing parking services. The City is already in the process of upgrading technologies to make paying for parking much more convenient.

What are the Initial Changes Being Proposed

On November 10, Sacramento City Council voted to implement the following proposals starting mid-December 2015.

The City is currently conducting research before bringing a proposal of parking improvements to Council for consideration. As part of the proposal, the City Council has approved two items: a pilot study on a newly developed program called SPOTZone (Special Parking Over Time), and an increase in the parking meter rate from $1.25 to $1.75. The next step is to discuss evening and event night meter enforcement.

Midtown Association Position Statement

On, January 27, The Midtown Association has taken the following Central City Parking policy position:

Midtown Association supports efforts by the City of Sacramento to increase evening parking enforcement in Midtown between 16th & 19th streets to 8PM Monday – Saturday. Oppose additional evening enforcement for 19th street to Business 80 past 6PM due to lack of parking garages in this area, with a desire to reconsider additional evening enforcement once additional garages are built. Oppose enforcement on Sundays throughout the District. Request that City Staff partner with Midtown Association to develop a user-friendly amp and phone app to assist with visitor parking.


Midtown Association Position Statement

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