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About Pilot Project

The Midtown Association, 16 Powerhouse and Waste Management partnered on a dumpster art-wrap project to inspire other Midtown properties and businesses to activate their alleyways.

Why Promote Dumpster Wrapping?

The reason we are working to beautify dumpsters is to activate our alleyways. Alleys are much more than a forgotten space for trash, they are the entry way to businesses and homes, they are a space for outdoor dining and events, and are the next major opportunity to activate public space in Midtown.

Depending on how the wrap weathers over time, Midtown Association’s Placemaking, Capital Improvements & Transportation (PCT) Committee may identify adding future dumpster art-wrap projects to it’s portfolio of projects in 2017.

Dumpster Art-Wrap Project Process

Step 1: Contact your hauler to get approval

Step 2: Contact a designer of your choice

Step 3: Contact an installer who specializes in wraps to get a quote

Step 4: Schedule install and you’re done!

16 Powerhouse Designer

Andy Duong
1606 P Street #308, Sacramento, CA 95814

16 Powerhouse Installer

Vehicle Wraps Inc.
1060 National Drive #7, Sacramento, CA 95833